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James turned to laurien and says " alright let's make some rules " he stands up infront of her his cock pointing at her " you will go back to your room and change in your sexy black lingerie and wait for me to call you " he said to her looking at her with a little smile " yes master as you wish " she responded and left the room going to get changed as she walked out of his room he started to think who would be his next victim of his powers he wanted his long life crush Lisa but he would see her after the weekend and it was only Friday ! He walked trough his room thinking when he heard his mother coming up the stairs he quickly got under the covers hiding that he is naked his mother opened up " I'm going to bed I will make breakfast at 7 okay ? " Gay Reality Cunnilingus Ass Fucking. He smiles and starts to walk around her inspecting her body " I knew you where in good shape but damn mom this is better then I expected " he says as he stand infront of her he looks at her and slowly puts her on her knees she looks up to him and begs " please James let me go I will treat you better " she begs. His sister laurien laid next to him also  naked breathing deeply from the fucking she just got cum stil spilling out of her pussy with a smile on her face knowing her brother is now her master 


. . She came quickly, her pussy squeezing my cock tightly as she orgasmed around my shaft

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